Winter Vomiting Disease

Winter vomiting disease, scientifically known as Norovirus is a virus that is transmitted by fecally contaminated food and water. It is highly contagious. It is called winter vomiting because this stomach infection will cause you to vomit a lot. It also mostly occurs during winter time when people prefer staying indoors to avoid the cold and when they’re near to each other. Any person can get the norovirus. It doesn’t have a specific age group. It is most common in a closed quarters such as hospitals and cruise ships.

Symptoms for this disease are vomiting, watery diarrhea, fever, hurt limbs, headache. These lasts for about 48 hours. This disease is not so serious but obviously very unpleasant. There is no need to go to hospital but rest would be needed. There’s no specific treatment but people are advised to drink more water to hydrate from the water loss that will happen if you vomit a lot.