Sleep Well


Are you getting more and more frustrated every night because it takes you so long to be able to sleep and when you finally do, it is not nearly enough and you wake up tired and grumpy. This happens to a lot of people. It might be because you are doing something wrong before going to bed. Here are the things you should NOT do before bed time.

1. Do not use that computer. It is tempting to answer emails or go to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter but the blue light from computers can ruin your body clock and increase your risk of obesity.

2. Do not eat a lot. Research has proven that the more you eat at night, the more chances you’ll have of having disturbing dreams at night.

3. Don’t think of anything stressful. Avoid dealing with problems at night. Hold off until the morning. These stressful things will be a cause of delayed sleeplessness of parasomnia.