Jun 27 2013

No Time For Exercise?

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A lot of people want to get a better body and live a healthier lifestyle. A good and balanced life includes exercising or physical activities but there are just so many people who do not have time to spare. This is one of the major complains people have when they find themselves overweight. It is true that if you have a full time job, or you’re going to school, or you’re a busy housewife, there’s very little time for you to rest let alone workout, but there’s this new trend of exercise that can fit a busy person’s schedule.

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is what busy people need in their lives. Scientists have proven that if you do a high intensity training that involves short period of heavy exercise (20 seconds) plus a shorter period of rest (10 seconds) done over and over for as short as 4 minutes, then you can lose weight and gain strength. This training gives high results and you will be thankful that you put that 4 minutes before going to work into good use.


May 31 2013

Fight Chronic Pain

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You will save yourself a lot of money if you know how to fight chronic pain. Some people just go straight to the doctor without trying some home remedies or searching for an easy solution. Once you know how to treat some chronic pain whether it be on the back or legs, or other parts of the body, then you will find that you save some time and your insurance company’s money.

The most effective approach to pain is through a holistic approach. Before you reach for that pain reliever, begin with a dose of reality. Start thinking of why you are having the problem. Dig deep. Figure out what happened and then start from there. Sometimes all you need to do is move. Believe it or not, exercising, done safely, can cure muscle pains. Your body needs to be stretched out so that the blood can circulate.

Practicing yoga and meditation is also very much effective. These are both done for the body and mind.

Apr 22 2013

School Safety

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The Newton shooting that took place some months ago has raised the issue of how many young students are suffering from mental disorder. You won’t be surprised to know that there are only 44 social workers working in 184 schools in Orange County, the security is much more than that but security won’t be enough help for a tormented child.

Though efforts have been seen to provide safety to schools and avoid shooting, like added police officers, it is still not enough to deal with what’s on the inside. Attention should be given to mental health, and this means guidance counselors available for the students at all times. There should be enough money given towards this issue, otherwise, there will remain to have chaos and possible shootings or bombings. Authorities are not keen into giving much importance to mental health, probably because it can not be seen, like a bruise or blood covered body, so it doesn’t seem to be an immediate concern. But it is. And changes should be made immediately.

Feb 28 2013

Health Care Under Obama

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Even after President Obama being re-elected, the issue on the Affordable Care Act is still the talk of town. It seems that the reason why people are still talking about it is because majority actually lack the knowledge as to what it entails. There are so many complaints, so many doubts and endless talk but only a fraction of these people know what’s up. The Department of Health and Human Service finally announced the final rules of private insurance last week and once everyone reads it, they will have better understanding on how it will affect their own healthcare.

Under Obamacare, the federal government will have control over the system. dictate how doctors treat privately insured patients and what questions to ask the patients. Everything will then be entered in an electronic database and the treatment that will be given by the doctor will be monitored by the government. That way, there will be no discrimination. More of these details can be found online.

Jan 16 2013

Flu Season

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Flu season has attacked once again and it is evident with the horrible stories you see on the news these past few days. In America alone, it has been reported that there have been twenty flu related deaths in kids this winter. The season actually happens during the cold half of the year. This epidemic take about 3 weeks to peak and 3 more weeks to diminish. During colder days, influenza cases increases by almost a hundred percent. And because during the colder season, people spend more time indoors, it gets easy to transmit from person to person. This year has been particularly harsh in the US where records of influenza-like illness is significantly high compared to other years which is why people are being encouraged to get their flu shot. The vaccination is the best way to avoid the illness. Once hit with flu, it will likely last for a full week, and you won’t want to be sick in bed the whole time.


Dec 30 2012

Winter Vomiting Disease

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Winter vomiting disease, scientifically known as Norovirus is a virus that is transmitted by fecally contaminated food and water. It is highly contagious. It is called winter vomiting because this stomach infection will cause you to vomit a lot. It also mostly occurs during winter time when people prefer staying indoors to avoid the cold and when they’re near to each other. Any person can get the norovirus. It doesn’t have a specific age group. It is most common in a closed quarters such as hospitals and cruise ships.

Symptoms for this disease are vomiting, watery diarrhea, fever, hurt limbs, headache. These lasts for about 48 hours. This disease is not so serious but obviously very unpleasant. There is no need to go to hospital but rest would be needed. There’s no specific treatment but people are advised to drink more water to hydrate from the water loss that will happen if you vomit a lot.


Dec 10 2012

Pregnancy diet prevents babies from developing asthma

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A medical study that was recently published online in Thorax claims, that one way to ensure that babies are born asthma-free is through a special diet followed by mom during pregnancy. Information on the study was collected by observing 468 mother and child pairs from pregnancy to 6.5 years after birth. Eating habits and the asthma and allergy symptoms of children were closely monitored.

The results of the study states that pregnant women whose diets consist of Mediterranean staples (such as diet rich in fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, dairy products and olive oil) may actually help protect their children against asthma and other allergies. Eating vegetables (more than eight times a week), fish (more than three times a week), and legumes (more than once a week) is a good asthma prevention. Which is the opposite of kids whose moms ate a more-or-less excessive amount (more than three to four times a week) of red meat.

Children’s eating habits at the age of 6.5 years seemed to have little effect on their asthma or allergy risk, the study found.

Source: HealthDay

Nov 25 2012

Sleep Well

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Are you getting more and more frustrated every night because it takes you so long to be able to sleep and when you finally do, it is not nearly enough and you wake up tired and grumpy. This happens to a lot of people. It might be because you are doing something wrong before going to bed. Here are the things you should NOT do before bed time.

1. Do not use that computer. It is tempting to answer emails or go to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter but the blue light from computers can ruin your body clock and increase your risk of obesity.

2. Do not eat a lot. Research has proven that the more you eat at night, the more chances you’ll have of having disturbing dreams at night.

3. Don’t think of anything stressful. Avoid dealing with problems at night. Hold off until the morning. These stressful things will be a cause of delayed sleeplessness of parasomnia.

Oct 25 2012

Addressing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Early On

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If you have a desk job and have been experiencing tingling or numbness on your hands and wrists, don’t wait till it becomes really painful before getting it checked. Chances are you already have carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by having repeated pressure on the nerve running from your forearm to the palm of your hands (called median nerve), a very common occurrence for those working on computers.

The problem with carpal tunnel syndrome may seem nothing but a mild irritant at first but it can progress to the point where your ability to do your job can get sacrificed as you are unable to type on your computer, hold the mouse, and generally use your hands without severe pain. So before it gets really bad, go have your hand checked by a doctor and find out what alternative therapies and hand exercise you can do to halt the progression. If not, you might find yourself having to take meds, or worse having to leave your job to take the time for surgery and recuperation. And in these tight times, the last thing you want is to be out of a job and having to go job hunting.

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Oct 10 2012

Health care Gift Cards

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Okay, so I am really lazy when it comes to Christmas shopping. I�m one of those who wait until the last minute and cram all their Christmas shopping in one day, But, good news for me (and others like me as well), Highmark Inc. released an alternative to gift giving. It offers prepaid card that can be used to pay for certain medical costs. This wonder card can also be used at health and wellness establishments. It doesn�t matter what your health insurance is or what its coverage is. Amazing, huh? I�m not only give �em away, I think I�m gonna get one for myself too.

For more information on the Health care Gift Card, Givewell.com

Source: Yahoo! News

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